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Islam in Europe: Public Spaces and Civic Networks

islam in europeSpyros A. Sofos and Roza Tsagarousianou

Published by Palgrave Macmillan  (September 2013)

ISBN 9781137357779

European Islam constitutes a veritable laboratory of identity, marked by polyphony, convergence and contestation. Muslims in Europe are looking for sources of inspiration, tradition and authority; they are developing meanings and repertoires of collective action  that allow them to root themselves in societies that are often ambivalent about their presence in their midst while maintaining and developing their own distinctive values and voices.

This book is intended to shed light to processes of Muslim identity construction in contemporary Europe, examining in some detail aspects of the complex way in which European Muslims relate to each other, construct and populate spaces they call home and create spaces of  dialogue and debate.


Chapter 1   Muslims in Europe: balancing between belonging and exclusion  
  An overview
  Clashing timeless monoliths?
  The construction of European Muslims
Chapter 2  Islam in Europe: a genealogy
  Imagining Islam and Muslims
  Towards the twentieth century
  From Islam and Europe to Islam in Europe
  Making sense of the presence of Islam in Europe: Muslim perspectives
Chapter 3  Who are the European Muslims
Conceptual issues
Counting and naming
A way forward?
Methodological remarks
Chapter 4  Space, Place and Social Action: European Muslim Geographies
The construction of locality: physical and mediated
The production of translocality
Translocal and transnational phenomenological geographies
Chapter 5  The politics of contestation and the construction of injustice frames
From connectivity to consciousness
Articulating and sharing grievances
Injustice, identity and agency: Muslim charities, Jihadi websites and their audiences
Chapter 6  Spaces of agency and identity and the reconfiguration of Islam
From injustice to identity and agency
Veils, fashion, agony aunts and finding Mr Right: reconfiguring Islam
The quest for authenticity and the idiom of “choice”
Chapter 7  Is there a Space for European Muslims?